About Pris Wong

Pris Wong has always found herself interested in the blogging community, and is constantly up to date with social media for a decade. Starting from the age of 13 she has found herself loving blogging, social media platforms, and all things digital. She created multiple leisure blogs under all the names a 13 year old can think of 

In the beginning of 2018, she has finally decided to be serious and start her journey in blogging professionally. She has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Health Studies and Contemporary Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, and is now completing the Marketing and Digital Marketing Certificates at the University of Toronto. 

Pris Wong loves all things dogs, food, and coffee. She owns a Chihuahua who is raw-fed, and works as a barista part-time. One day, she aims to incorporate all those things under one roof. If there is one thing about Pris Wong is that she is not afraid to discuss her issues with anxiety. This blog serves as an outlet to showcase her inspiration, but also her thoughts and tips dealing with anxiety. This is a creative space.


About Anna Kong

Anna has always loved the idea of photography. A picture means a thousand words. Each shot per frame holds a story, and each photo has a story in itself. It's in those timeless moments that we cannot take back. Anna's inspiration stems from landscapes or candid portraits. Candid photos are her specialty because in the split second you capture the raw intimate expression of oneself. Anna loves exploring the city and towns around. She is inspired by nature, music and travel. She loves to have a collection of all those different moments and experiences. 

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